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Secure your Mac with Keycard

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Image of KeyCard in action
You do password protect your Mac, don’t you? You don’t have automatic login, and you’ve set your computer to require password after sleep or screen saver kicks in? Right? That’s a good start1.

I often leave my Mac in the office whilst doing other stuff at work, and I don’t like the idea that someone might sit down and do things on my computer. I’ve come to the habit of invoking the screen saver with Alfred or LaunchBar (long time LaunchBar user, but trying Alfred 2 beta at the moment). Well, such habits are too easy to forget. Fortunately I came across Keycard.

Keycard connect with your iPhone or other Bluetooth device.. When leaving the office (with the phone in my pocket, of course), Keycard kicks in and locks my Mac. Upon return, Keycard detects the phone, and unlocks. Easy principle, and it works like a charm.

What if I loose my phone, or the batteries drain out? Keycard got you covered. You can set a 4-digit pin as a failsafe.

Keycard is available on the Mac App Store (Link to Norwegian App Store)

  1. Now go enable Filevault 2.